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The daily edition of The Charlotte News was established in 1888. The Sunday edition was added in 1910. The Evening Chronicle, established in 1903, was purchased by and consolidated with The Charlotte News May 8, 1914. 

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  • Men of Property - By Holy Roman rights, painter owns half Italy and Musso., half Germany
  • Progress - Women and children now fight, also
  • Going Home - Musso's land troops removed from Spain, but of no moment
  • Pirate's Boast - Germany, Italy sinking British merchant ships for Franco
  • A Smart Stroke - Eden, Churchill welcome additions to British cabinet; Hitler threatens all of Poland
  • Cat and Mouse - Hungary now slave to Hitler; slaves make poor allies if war comes
  • War Prospect - War likely; millions on millions of lives will be lost
  • Lion Growls - If Hitler continues Corridor demand, Poland must fight or be cut from Baltic, strangled; war
  • The Bargain - Hitler's word worthless; he means to have all of Poland, not just Danzig, highway
  • Our Policy? - Preferable to watch, but must aid GB, France before too late
  • On the Fence - Musso may be more dangerous as "neutral" than with Hitler
  • A Promise - Hitler says will not bomb women and children; but already hitting Polish cities
  • Berlin Visitors - Russia's overtures may mean German alliance; but could be costly
  • The War - Will be slow; Nazis may seek quick peace with GB, France; GB bombs to clear N. Sea, Baltic?
  • Unspectacular - French, Brit lack of move, no moment; storming Siegfried slaughter in WWI
  • In the Balkans - Whether Balkans, Russia warm to Nazi if wins not certain; but still Turkey
  • Russian Riddle - Japan stays neutral; Russia should regard U.S. joinder with Allies if it joins Nazi
  • In the Pit - Not just Brit propaganda got U.S. into World War, as Ironpants claims
  • Beau Geste - One Nazi submariner Galahad; another, typical swine
  • Marking Time - Nazi seeks to split France from GB to force GB to table; Allies await Musso choice
  • Nazi Chivalry - Guernica, Almeria, concentration camps remind of what it is really like
  • Precedent - War on civilians will increase rage against Nazi
  • Prisoners - Slovak soldiers placed between German lines and forced to fight for brigands
  • Love Feast - Propaganda designed to dodge concentration camps; British airman statement suspect
  • Have a Cigarette? - Russian soldier may prefer Polish to German; but leaders also exchange cigs
  • Propaganda - Ironpants comparison of German to Brit not well taken
  • That Loot - Versailles no excuse; not so harsh as supposed
  • Scraps of Paper? - German concentration indicates they will come through Holland, Belgium
  • Double-Damned - Ironpants praised Munich, now pans GB, France for sell-out to Czechs and Poland
  • Counter-Terror - Rumanians avenge Nazi plot with terror; usual Hitler recipe won't work
  • Dead Soldier - German Junker officer opposed Hitler; probably shot by own
  • Nazi Trap - Jewish doctors purged; now needed, but too late
  • Wagner Man - English ban Wagner; absurd, music has nothing to do with Nazi
  • A Dream Hedged - Hitler aides stow money outside Germany, lack confidence in outcome
  • Balkan Bloc - Musso's intentions muddled by embattled possibilities; Stalin also unclear
  • In Czech-Land - Czechs may revolt; not fighting with Germans because distrusted
  • Quandary - Russia coy, no real ally of Hitler
  • Ghost War - Truth of action hard to know; all quiet on Western Front?
  • Little Light - Stalin's intentions remain unclear; probably wants long war of attrition
  • Cuckoo - World could cause us to laugh ourselves to death
  • Russ Prize - Afghanistan poor nation; frank, independent, warring; Russia may seek, hard terrain
  • Strange Cries - Nazi outrage over British commandeering of Altmark strange, from murderous nation
  • For the Record - Altmark outrage by Norway against Britain is merely self-preservation game
  • Carol's Turn - Hitler promises goodies for Rumania while seeking to vanquish--as with Czechs
  • Allied Chances - Trondheim is key to Norway; need battleships, more French soldiers
  • Nazi Claims - Norway in trouble but Nazis exaggerate to demoralize
  • Safe Million - Bounty on Hitler's capture; but not possible, must be killed
  • Exploded - Norway fought by Brits, not Canadians; Nazi propaganda, RRR wrong
  • Scapegoat - Chamberlain gets blame for Norway; defeatism working against Allies
  • A Team? - Ironpants and RRR out to save U.S. from war with Germany
  • Claim - More Ossa on Olympus from Berlin...
  • Novelist - Knut Hamsun embraces Nazis; long cycle of U.S. hate
  • Test - British must stop Hitler from getting Narvik
  • Telling - Brit. Admiral blames Chamberlain's reserve on battleships for Norway loss
  • Witness - Ironpants, Beard believe loss of England, France no matter to U.S.
  • On This Course - Norway loss bad; opens door for Nazi navy; Brits should take out Ital. navy now
  • Strategy - Wild hog now in Belgium, Holland; Allied plan? Stop Hog by sword or end
  • Wasted - Hog says Belgium, Holland invaded to stop French, Brit attack
  • Up Winnie - Chamberlain out, Churchill in; too late but qualities should help
  • One Too Many - Belgium, Holland invasion begins ravanche, says Hog; if loses, will pay price--this time
  • Facing Facts - Must get ready now, navy weak, propagandists marching
  • War's Prospect - Long time before good news; losing ground in Holland; must build air forces
  • In Europe - New Attila in France, Belgium, Holland; not just "over there"
  • The U.S. - Immediate entry won't aid; first, build planes, tanks, finance Allies
  • Western Front - Channel Ports must be held; Maginot will be costly for Nazi; Lowland advance slowed
  • Poll - Locals favor aid to Allies
  • Time Factor - Time to build planes; U.S. slept long enough
  • Purge - Fifth Columnists in France should be purged--with sword
  • A Pooh-Pooh - Ironpants wants navy out of Pacific; loss of Dutch East Indies okay?
  • Choice - Hitler will offer France, Britain terms; unlikely to accept
  • Foregone - Naval Committee report politicized
  • Symbol - Wasp to dung-beetle; Hitler to invaded nations
  • Not Lost Yet - Antwerp down, but even should Paris fall, Allies may not falter; central mtns. formidable
  • No Difference? - Lindbergh says imperialistic war; no matter who wins; so okay to see U.S. Nazified?
  • Ploughman - Terrorists, bombs do not ruffle Belgian farmer
  • His Allies - If Hitler wins, Sentimentalists his staunchest allies
  • Battle - Nazi gains in France are soft mechanized forward advance, not yet won; Weygand must re-form
  • Clumsy - Embargo all goods to Germany; not just stop sales for stolen gold
  • Warning - France overrun from lack of air, mechanized support; can happen here; Fifth Column aids
  • Nazi Gamble - Nazi soldiers no mere dupes; goal to enslave; if lose, will pay price
  • Warlock - Senator Lundeen mad because French, Brits in West Indies; wants to fight them, not Germany
  • Jitters - Stalin fearful; Musso. still on fence
  • Peril - People, pols oblivious to real danger; Fifth Column, Musso, Japan combine for trouble to U.S.
  • Irish Base - Hitler wants it to starve England, have better range on Atlantic shipping
  • Klan Column - Klan more likely to be Column than aid in stopping
  • Follow-Up - Goebbels mocks truth; says Brits used civilian shields
  • Warning - Warning to U.S. passenger ship--from whom?
  • Betrayal - Belgian surrender shames king; could have held on
  • Solved - xiNIHCACSAT=The Secret Weapon
  • Prior Quisling - Bolo, Fifth Columnist in WWI, executed; accomplice served time, then Finance Minister
  • Appropriations - A billion in defense just starter; FDR must exhort industry
  • Notice - British retreat, but won't surrender; not decadent as Hitler claims
  • Spider Song - Seductress Adolf to France, "Come hither, let me squeeze you in half"; goal is England
  • Duty - Hog executes French prisoners; excuse is claim that French shot downed airmen; not likely
  • One Battle - Nazi losses so high, gains in France dubious; French regroup; Brit rearguard stands
  • Fifth Column - Origins of the phrase--four outside, fifth inside
  • Surpassed - Caligula no match for Hitler for "shameless impudence"
  • Time to Duck - Hitler claims will not trouble West; says spies in Mexico really Brit; such begs our action
  • Not Too Smart - Flanders, Paris backfire; Brit, French morale improved
  • Any Old Port - Stalin may be cowed to join Allies if quick Nazi win, no stalemate; could check Musso
  • Model - Daladier gone in France; appeasers in England also going
  • Silly Move - Italian Editor's warning to U.S. not well-received
  • A Tune Changes - RRR deems Brit, French islands crucial for U.S. but "worthless" if Hitler takes them
  • Cargo - Scrap iron in Wilmington to Italians
  • Purpose - Musso's purpose is to enslave
  • Succor - Red Cross needs contributions
  • By Daytime - Nazi daytime bombing is to see targets better, not save civilians
  • New World - "New and better world" is to enslave and murder at will
  • Weather Vane - Turkey's continued alliance to West good sign that Hitler, Musso claims of victory hollow
  • The Blame - Neanderthal blames French fortifications for having to destroy Paris
  • Hard Words - NC lawyer believes Brits will sink US ship, as Nazi claims
  • In 90 Days - Reverse of U.S. policy; now solidly behind Allies
  • Gesture - Hitler best not gloat; Versailles no justification
  • War Lesson - Best defense is good offense; fixed fortifications anachronism
  • Opportunity - Slow reaction to Nazi horde; but Red Cross contribution will help refugees
  • Epitaph - France done in by pols; let not America be likewise
  • Weakness - Indecision of democracies reason France ruled by Das Schwein
  • Same Way - Britain awake; U.S. still asleep
  • Addendum - "Tender-minded" lawyer believes Brits to sink U.S. ship
  • Excuse - "Honorable foe" same hog which marched on France in 1918
  • We Are In - By selling arms to belligerents, we violate Hague; already at war
  • Terms - French surrender: Rump state, disarmed, to aid Nazi against G.B.
  • Riders - "Peace" promised; death, but Four Horsemen cometh first
  • With Honor? - French now 1/3 Jackal, 2/3 Hog; sold by Petain; had choice still to fight
  • Shame - Italians sit behind Jackal fearfully waiting--no honor
  • Poor Joke - No prank to raise Nazi flag; leave U.S. flag up instead
  • Bear Moves - Stalin will await outcome with Brits as to whether to hit Nazi or play canny
  • Symbolism - Musso best not try to take back Britain for Roman Empire
  •  At A Tomb  - "The rat-like man leaning on the balustrade" at the Tomb of Napoleon may be in fear. . .
  • Threat - Nazi paper: Sniping Brits criminal, could make GB Dunkerque; Cash: Sniping of bandits justified
  • July 4, 1940 - Liberty overshadowed by clouds, horde, but not dead unless will of the free lost
  • Battle - GB purge of French fleet rational; else to Petain-Laval gang, i.e., Hitler
  • Vain Claim - Italians penetrate only skeletal French force; no great feat as Musso claims
  • Zeal - Nazi howls over Lion's French fleet action; they enslave, ruin; all else wrong
  • Dilemma - Humanity conflicts with practicality; blockade, starvation or not
  • Unity - French recipe simple--destroy freedom, have one Party; just like Hog puppeteer
  • Heroism - Italy puffs up, beats breasts and hides; come through Gibraltar, says Winnie
  • Hoax - Another Nazi propaganda move to stir distrust for British
  • Chivalry - Jailed Dutch merchant failed to see flirt plan: More Nazi babies to murder all
  • Immune - Dies looks at Bund, implies active in Mexico; why never KKK, Coughlin, Vindicators?
  • Biology Note - British ships spring new life and limb in spite of Nazi shot-and-sunk reports
  • Jitters - Unjustified suspicion of Congressman showing Nazi movie on Poland; warning only, not furtherance

  • Motto - French now say, "Labor, The Family, The Fatherland"--Joan weeps in fires
  • At Hand - Laval, Flandin control France; help Axis to save necks
  • The Hunted - German intellectuals in France at risk, need help of U.S.
  • F. O. B. - For need of transports, Brit children no longer to be brought to U.S. by Brit ships; we should do it
  • Tactics - Zeitung, Telefunken tell U.S. Big Lie: Let go England; no force by nice little Nazi
  • Second Choice - Universal military service, standing army: pitfalls aplenty, founders warned; but...
  • Observed - Bastille Day celebrated in France anyway--in tears
  • Adolf's Terms - Hitler lures GB with promises of money, power, vanquishing Stalin; hides real purpose
  • Nay-sayer - One Frenchman stands up to Hitler
  • Cat's Paw - Spain attempts to spread Nazi-Fascist dogma in cutting off Chile
  • Peace Game - Hitler appears hesitant to attack England just now
  • Moral Ire - Nazis warn British "snipers" defending homes; butcher thousands
  • Straw Man - Adolf, not Fifth Columns, funneling food from conquered; Red Cross caught in dilemma
  • Italy Hedges - More meatless days ordered; Brits safe for now
  • Sea Fight - (Nominated for Pulitzer) -The men of the Jervis Bay, a breed apart, protected rear from Nazi
  • High Price - Greece and Libya about to fall to Nazi, but heavy toll for few gains will demoralize Germans
  • Drift Policy - Spain may join Axis; U.S. policy may cause fall of G.B., leaving us alone to face the Nazi
  • Old Battle - Xerxes, an early Hitler, outnumbered, but Leonidas and Spartan band fought to death
  • Alternative - Xerxes was defeated; so will be Hitler, not if, but when; most favor convoy, so get on with it
  • Half Convoy - Convoy to mid-Atlantic silly--ineffectual risk; time for full convoy, shooting back to defend
  • A Prophecy - Escape of Von Werra, admitted to bail, no surprise; Nazi murderers forfeit legal rights
  • Scant Aid - U.S. Atlantic patrol helpful, but ineffective gesture of war; w/o more, Britain will fall in 1941
  • They Cheered - Ovation from Nazis for Lindbergh's "Britain will fall"; proves their and C.A.L's hopes
  • Tank Line - Tank production at Chrysler going strong--finally; will soon eclipse German production
  • Grim Words - Churchill grim, but strong, correct; Hitler is incarnation of wish and will of German nation
  • Pretty Thin - Darlan trying to get French angry at British to make Vichy full Axis partner; in vain
  • Narcotic - Hess desertion does not herald Nazi collapse; narcotization of U.S. and G.B. best Nazi hope
  • More Light - French traitor and Communist Doriot is pro-Nazi; like other Communists, is only for himself
  • Dubious Act - Neutrality Act may prevent incidents--but hastens fall of G.B, divides U.S. for Nazi good
  • Peril Spots - If Spain to join Axis, we should seize Canaries, Azores, Cape Verdes, and Dakar; stop airbases
  • Hess Puzzle - Hess--original Nazi interested in German "Master Class", not peace; Britain won't accept
  • Bogey Man - Darlan sells out Vichy to Hitler in hopes of intimidating U.S. to stay out; will backfire
  • *Twelve Men - The young Canadian men sunk by the Nazi barbarian were worth millions of appeasers

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