The Charlotte News

Thursday, February 20, 1936



Italy Looks Back.

Once upon a time there was a great agitation on earth. The Triple Alliance--Germany, Austria and Italy--went forth to war for the purpose, as on this side we understood it, to make the world unsafe for democracy, but before Pershing stood at the monument and did not say, "Lafayette, we are here!" Italy had double-crossed her fellows and begun to fight on our side.

That pleased us of the allied persuasion immensely. Italy was regarded as a pretty good country. We pitched in, one for all and all for one, and routed the Hohenzollerns from Germany and made the Fatherland safe for Herr Hitler. Upon which the new ally, having saved its national skin by switching when the switching was good, began to shove toward the head of the table and demand choice colonial diet, including Ethiopia.

The wounded Germany and the wounded Austria and the affronted but belligerent Italy all are in a huddle again. Newspaper dispatches from Europe are full of the conferences. They have a different appearance than when Kaiser Bill sat at the head of the table and rattled the saber. They are black-shirted, brown-shirted revolutionaries of a sort now, but the spirit of the old Triple Alliance marches again. We may yet have to make the world safe for the New Deal.

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