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Thursday, January 2, 1936



Hitler's Germany.

Here is a paragraph from the long, boiling letter James G. McDonald wrote to the Secretary General of the League of Nations in resigning his post as High Commissioner for Refugees (Jewish and other) Coming from Germany. The whole letter is worth publication, but this paragraph especially cries for it:

"8. It is being made increasingly difficult for Jews and 'non-Aryans' in Germany to sustain life. Condemned to segregation within the four corners of the legal and social ghetto which has now closed upon them, they are prevented from earning their living. Indeed, more than half of the Jews remaining in Germany have already been deprived of their livelihood. In many parts of the country there is a systematic attempt at starvation of the Jewish population. In no field of economic activity is there any security whatsoever. For some time it has been impossible for Jewish business men and shopkeepers to carry on their trades in small towns. The campaign against any dealings with Jews is now systematically prosecuted in the larger towns. Despite the restrictions upon migration from the provinces into the few largest cities where Jewish economic activity is not yet completely excluded, Jews are fleeing to those cities because there only can they hope to escape, at least for a time, from the more brutal forms of persecution."

This, incomprehensible as it may seem, is taking place in Germany under Hitler in the Twentieth Century.

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