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Sunday, January 3, 1937



Chip on Adolf's Shoulder

The German government's belligerent retaliations against the Spanish government over the German ship Palos incident is the most disturbing news to come out of Europe in many a day. Undoubtedly, Germany had a grievance against the Spanish government. The ship was halted on the high seas, not in Spanish waters. Part of her cargo and one unnamed but apparently consequential passenger the Spanish authorities have continued to hold in spite of protest and ultimatums from Berlin.

But if Spain is responsible for provoking Hitler to aggressive action a less uppity statesman could have overlooked it. The Palos was carrying munitions to be used against Spanish defenders, probably by Nazi soldiers who were fighting with Franco. Not piracy, as the act was defined in Berlin but simple self-protection prompted the illegal seizure. That is evident. Beside, the government of Spain is in such shape now that it is hardly to be held accountable for breaches of the rules by Basque officials.

Herr Hitler made no such allowances. Acting under orders, his battleships went into action. One Spanish merchantman was taken in tow, another fired upon and run aground. Germany admits the acts willingly, even cheerfully, and accepts full responsibility for them Sic. she declares in effect, to all who tread on the toes of Hitler's Reich!

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