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The daily edition of The Charlotte News was established in 1888. The Sunday edition was added in 1910. The Evening Chronicle, established in 1903, was purchased by and consolidated with The Charlotte News May 8, 1914. 

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  • The Nazi Way - Kuhn suit, Putnam kidnapping--warnings: lay off Nazis
  • Nazis' Business Deal - Reading between the lines of a dispatch on the "sale" of a steel mill to Nazi
  • Deported - Italy bans books of democratic liberals like Wells, but also Balzac and Buffalo Bill
  • Silent Man - Italy doesn't like Germany, doesn't want war, forcing bluster-brag to be meek
  • Our Neutrality - FDR's calls for bi-partisanship appropriate; arms embargo must be repealed
  • Change of Heart - Mexico now with Allies; oil no longer available to Germany
  • *Eli, Eli! - Broun warms to Reds; Stalin more murderous than Hitler
  • Two Neutrals - Italy "neutral" but acting as supply base; is Holland likewise?
  • Italy's Choice - Musso will join one side or other--out of pragmatism
  • The Turk Visits - Turkey key to Balkan strategy, Rumanian course; talks with Russia
  • U.S. Policy - Baruch proposes to let belligerents buy what they want; cultivate trade with S.A.; build navy
  • The Bloom Bill - Congressman's "neutrality" is no one else's; what Bill says
  • Nyelock - Adding surcharge to arms to cover Allies' war debts is Nye's pound of flesh
  • Neutrality - FDR's cash and carry good proposal; Iso's arguments fall
  • Allied Problem - If Musso has Balkans, purpose is for peace with GB, France, stop Nazi-Red overrun
  • Cannonade - Propaganda in full force here; Lindbergh, Musso, Coughlin, Iso's speak same lines
  • Revised Version - Senate neutrality bill gives more definition to restrictions
  • Italian Hand - The Vindicator apologizes for Nazis; links Liberals to Reds; where's Robert Rice?
  • Paradox - Robert Rice Reynolds willing to fight G.B. over search of ships; but won't face Germany
  • Appeal - Reds rally against capitalism; cozy with barbarians
  • Mexican Bet - Mexico can get away with oil expropriation; our fear of it cuddling to Nazi-Red
  • China Shop - Cong. wants investigation of Mexico; Nazis, Reds active there, but this only worsens
  • Black Oxen - RRR strikes again--objects to King Carol's pal in U.S., too unfriendly to Hitler
  • Casualty - Cotton joins tobacco on Brit import suspense; if Hitler wins, gone for good; war whose business?
  • Egypt - History with British Empire
  • Cartel - Idea of cartel to buy Mexico goods and re-sell them to Europe rather than allow Nazi barter
  • Uproar - Iron ring develops around U.S.--Latin America, Japan; Iso's. scream for Pres. to resign
  • A New Grab? - Argentina may take foreign-owned utilities, as Mexico took oil with impunity
  • Blum's Aides - Leftist only part of blame for France; Right, Center as much
  • Suez - Canal built by French; Brits got stock
  • Umbrella - Appeasers cost France; England must get rid of them
  • Wide of Mark - Ironpants misses point; Hitler threat from within, not by military
  • Two-Edged - Iso's. say keep arms for U.S., GB lost cause, give U.S. Brit navy; why? Brit can say same
  • Next? - Shall GB go into Ireland to protect from Hog? Objection to Brit imperialism is not timely; go
  • Notice - French islands steps to Brit islands; Nazi will ring U.S. unless halted
  • Trouble Spot - Almazan calls for revolt if Mexican election results tainted; works with Nazi agents
  • Adolf Is Here - Greenland, French islands his; what will we do about it under Monroe?
  • False Logic - Nazi says Monroe keeps U.S. out of Europe; iso's. buy; no, only if U.S. rights not implicated
  • Gamble - Roosevelt right; planks wrong
  • Theme Song - Wheeler whistles; people realize need for draft
  • A Top Spins - R.R. Reynolds speaks Monrovian defense, but let's not fight too fast for islands over there
  • The Falklands - Argentina bellies up in Nazified demands; portends problem with Latin-America, ABC's
  • Scapegoats - Pups, Laval and Flandin, shocked, shocked at defeat; Daladier usual suspect
  • Hull Wins - Havana meet successful on Pan-Am union against Hitler on French and British possessions
  • Hopeful Signs - Heel's promise of goods to Latin America stymied; must replace with U.S.-bought goods
  • Non-Sequitur - Wheeler says draft=militarism; history says otherwise
  • Monkey Wrench - Argentina, with Euro-trade, manipulated by Heel, wants Falklands; B, C may follow
  • Latins Balk - Congress dispirits L. America; Argen., Colum., Venez., Uruguay, Mex. balk in resolve
  • Bale Fire - Complacency that Britain will defeat Hitler alone, Congressional wish-thinking
  • War Aim - Wheeler gang seeks scot-free Germany, but punishment of Nazis must be exacted in kind
  • Poison Seller - Tobey's charges that U.S. involved in convoy foundless, hysterical--no right to divide us
  • A Complaint - Gerald Nye slams FDR for egging small countries to oppose Hitler; give up? face alone?
  • Wire Them! - N.C. Sen. Reynolds should not head Military Affairs Committee; ignorant, hates Britain
  • *A Committee -Reynolds will hamstring U.S. foreign policy; Steering Committee has power to block
  • Mere Tools - Sailor-saboteurs, pawns; thugs in Italian and German "embassies" gave orders, should pay
  • Expert Talks - Maj. Seversky in Mercury knows more than Lindbergh; says G.B. will win in air war--key
  • Sad Show - Gerald Nye makes America ineffectual; so too does FDR with patrols which are all but war
  • *Pay Off - Support of Robert Rice Reynolds promotion to Military Affairs chair by seniority intolerable
  • Accurate Term - F.D.R. properly calls Lindbergh "Copperhead", i.e. appeaser; too many ties to fascism
  • Fair Enough - Lindbergh no quisling, but desire of "negotiated peace" with Nazi leaves Britain slave
  • Double Talk - While appeasing appeasers with "neutrality", we are at war by patrolling whole Atlantic

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