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The daily edition of The Charlotte News was established in 1888. The Sunday edition was added in 1910. The Evening Chronicle, established in 1903, was purchased by and consolidated with The Charlotte News May 8, 1914.

We seek truth that we may follow it.

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  • Grey Mouse - Gov. Hoey should commute death for 1st degree burglary for 20 cents, despite 50 priors
  • War In A Thimble - South need not be defensive over slavery; no moral defense, move on
  • *Over Polite - Chief leads KKK; need more than polite request from him to them to stop parade; enforce
  • *Case Report - Maryland prevents lynching of two innocent black women by vigilante mob
  • Addenda - High unemployment leads to murder statistic for Charlotte
  • More Firsts - No fountain, park, rest station or trash receptacle; why?
  • Decision - Unequal pay for black teachers gives unequal education, worse citizen
  • *To Grief - Blacks who tangle with police trouble themselves
  • *Starnes Case - Imposition of death sentence will send message on murder
  • Clean Bill - Lynchings down despite Klan activity to stir hate; hopeful sign
  • Careful - Solicitor fails distinction: 1st degree murder conviction only for those guilty of it


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  • Candidate - The word too often belies the toga's adorner
  • A Flaw in Frank - New Republican policy man vast improvement; liberal in true sense, but too general
  • Ships Without Men - Kennedy: Coast Guard training for merchant marine; House says no; public suffers
  • *Bauer's Swap - Farmers in South vote on cotton and tobacco quotas in 1938; do as they will
  • Getting Mr. Gannett  - Though Gannett rabid anti-New Dealer, still has rights to freedom of speech
  • A Sensible Veto - N.Y. Gov. wise to veto bill stopping "Red" employment; front for hurting unpopular
  • Playing With Fire - Hague's suppression of free speech, involving Catholic Veterans to do it, unwise
  • Not Proved - Sabotage of ship or human, mechanical error?
  • Playing with Fire - Unions go too far in waging strikes, involving workers with nothing to gain, all to lose
  • Good Racket - Kuhn outfit whitewashed by Dies, but just like KKK, in at least one respect
  • *No. 4 Comes Down - J. Edgar eclipses Dewey in bust of Lepke, and demoted him on wanted list to do it
  • Americanism - San Antonio Mayor allows Red meeting; thugs break up. Who of 3 worse?
  • A Job for Bob - RRR wants to rid aliens; let him get real problems
  • A Filibuster? - People want arms embargo repealed; Borah filibuster would be spite
  • Propaganda - Lindbergh: Repeal of arms embargo=war; war of "imperialism"--claims good for Germany
  • Enemy Within - Long gang shows political corruption greater danger than war
  • Guest Speaker - UNC's Bundsfuehrer speaker likely will turn students against Nazi
  • Risk Pay - Seamen get war risk pay; deserved despite higher rates
  • Five Switch - Senators inconsistent in neutrality voting
  • No Hotbed - Bundsfuehrer not coming to UNC even though majority wanted it, but no sign of Nazism
  • Whirligig - Hull's reciprocal trade agreements mainly do not hurt farmers--no bananas; but facts needed
  • Yardstick - Pols like purity--as long as helps their coffers
  • Safe Enough - Buy the silver, hold the gold, says Cong. dupe.
  • Unyielding - U.S. Chamber of Commerce far right; best learn
  • Pointed - Subsidy for wheat, not cotton; FDR less sure of wheat states
  • Too Far - Dies investigation of Reds should stop; undermines Bill
  • Disagreement - RRR doesn't think we will get involved in Eur., Pacific wars; foresighted
  • Guarantor - Vandenburg wants Rep. nomination to save us from "alien wars"
  • First Values - Willkie only suitable Republican; FDR still best for European situation
  • Two Hands - Defense industry up, relief up, too; but RRR's figures for aliens ought to bring it down
  • Curb - No blacklisting unless can be called Red or Nazi; must not become them to stop them
  • Well Chosen - Defense board has best, not just New Dealers
  • Bad Faith - RRR uses climate to get at aliens
  • Blunderbuss - RRR after aliens again, not Fifth Columnists
  • Mock Peril - Little Ed of Ga. follows RRR, saves us from alien fishermen
  • Principles - Communist candidate not treasonous, but makes no sense
  • Salute - Supreme Court: Can force flag salute; questionable merit
  • Hysteria - Anti-German hysteria harms innocents only
  • Defeatism - This worse than Fifth Column; aided by isolationists
  • Committee - Senate Foreign Relations has too many isolationists
  • Red Scare - Hitler seeks American Indians as Aryans; not very successful
  • Mob Rule - Fifth Column hysteria creates tragedy with Jehovah's Witnesses
  • Round-Up - RRR's bill will nab aliens who can't find papers, here legally
  • *Willkie - Republicans must take him or resign to loss
  • Why One? - Why single out Bridges for expulsion when so many are more dangerous?
  • Title - Hill "Hero" RRR wrecks steel with anti-alien
  • Gamble - Republicans deserve oblivion if run on "keep us out"
  • Timing - FDR's appointment of two Republicans to Navy, War gets at PAP platform
  • Untenable - Ford must obey Govt., people, not himself this time
  • *Absolution - New Deal debt defended by defense; silver buy continues, to prop Mexico
  • Plot? - Old Woodring: Did fired Sec. of War claim "international financiers" plot to get U.S. into War?
  • Compromise - PAP Repub. Platform--stay out of Europe, Latin-America; let Hitler reign
  • Sound Stand - New head of Legion will keep out vigilance; safer for all
  • Cock Robin - Isolationists responsible for poor state of military, not FDR or any single pol
  • Candidate - Willkie only possible Repub. nominee
  • Dilemma - Ford doesn't make foreign policy; must put aside personal beliefs and build
  • Hoover Bets - Hoover bets on short memory, blames New Deal
  • Thumbs Down - American Legion should not form vigilance group
  • Poison - Sen. Wheeler's third party threat damages country
  • Veto - Pres. should veto bill of attainder on Bridges
  • Appeasers - U.S. industrialists, leaders say give Devil due; Nazi goal else; expose Lie
  • Roll Call - Five Senators who vote against Knox for Navy anti-Administration, isolationists
  • Guest - Soft-seller of Nazi wares to U.S. business should be expelled; working the sentimentalists
  • Paradox - Nazis and sympathizers get U.S. visitor's visas; Brit children subject to quota
  • Snail Pace - Ford balked Govt. on planes contract, went to Packard, but still moribund; when, 1950?
  • Stand - Youth Congress likes Joe; Joe has "democracy"; Joe will help
  • By Acclaim? - Ironpants says Dem. should also nominate Willkie; 1940: Business vs. New Deal impasse
  • Surrender - Now FDR plays to isolationists; Hitler can feel safe; no blame for Brit if give fleet up
  • Resurrected - Passage of campaign reform purely partisan to get Dem. state machines
  • Quartette - Four relief recipients confess Nazi-Communist ties; success!
  • Third Term - FDR wants 3rd to preserve power, reforms, to wage defense; if Hitler issue in Nov., he wins
  • Burlesque - Dem. Convention to "draft" FDR for 3rd; hides FDR's desires, belief no one else qualified
  • Dose - Wallace reluctantly accepted as V.P.
  • Handicap - Willkie's fat cat finance chairman hampers business-as-fair image
  • A Dismissal - Hard to understand replacement for Asst. Sec. of War
  • Who's Calling? - Willkie paints FDR with machine-pols, but Wendell has his own, too
  • Blind Spot - Willkie nomination foreshadowed, not seen
  • Wrong Man - Martin Dies should not be allowed to transfer his "revelations" to the Senate from Texas


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  • *Tribute to An Egg - Jersey City Mayor Hague may exceed Hitler, Mussolini, and Japanese warlords
  • *The Voice of Jacob - Republicans say Jeffersonian Dems. should join; join party of Big Govt., Big Biz?
  • *See No Evil - Censorship in South Carolina so silly in cinema: "A flagon of double-strength root beer"?
  • Assignment - Morrison still party man, but what does he really think?
  • Versatile Man - Shrewd Pappy passes pension bill back signed but unpaid
  • *The Goats - Tobacco, cotton not enjoying prosperity
  • *Resilient - Despite losses, corrupt Pendergast machine in K.C. will re-emerge like the other machines
  • *Gambler - Mayor of New Orleans has loaded dice on oil deal under Earl Long's administration
  • *Poor Excuse - LaGuardia's polling proper of NYC police for membership in fascist organizations
  • The Party - Precinct meeting attendees have say-so in state Dem. pol.
  • Eggs & Ennui - Egg for pacifist; Chapel Hill okay, even to Red Scarists
  • Revelation - Coroner should not determine whether killer charged
  • Conversion - Feds get at Little Ed; now States Rightitst
  • Vigilantes - Locals seeking Fifth Columnists; more Klucks
  • Beal Case - Gov. should commute Beal; 17 yrs. too much when conspiracy in doubt
  • Commission - Local man good choice for defense post
  • 90 or 87? - County does not need to raise tax
  • Venial Sin - Earl Long greased but not caught--yet
  • In This Ring - Clowns and braying whirlwinds=Texas, nay American, pols; Pappy and his hillbilly band


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  • On the Button! - Wake Forest dons say no to Baptists re sole dancing
  • *Dangerous Weapon - The ice-pick should be outlawed or changed so it won't pierce vitals
  • Note On Our Heritage - As with old Col. Wilson of Ark., South's concept of honor included violence
  • *Cops and Sanctity - Effort to enforce Blue Laws makes little sense; baseball, golf, tennis prohibited?
  • Soliloquy - Groundhog Day, me and you, my shadow--and editors with their pens looking at the weather
  • *Add--Their Manners - Morality of dime cabs in Charlotte deserves hearing; but must drive better
  • *Tit for Tat - A look at taxes on filing day; need to ask IRS some questions
  • A Slander Retracted - No evidence to show disloyalty of Du Ponts in WWI; mere sensational smear
  • Vernal Equinox - The same the world over, as sun enters the Ram; winds to howl, rains will fall, lightning
  • Needed: Some Corns - Easier life leaves more time to worry of things elsewhere--Hitler, Mussolini
  • *Forest of Figures - Finding out much from Government's "Statistical Abstract of United States"
  • A Local War - Union daughters cavil at GWTW as palliative to teason; Rebettes react; much ado
  • *All About Divorce - Rate up in Charlotte because SC disallows; high rate=high culture, said Mencken
  • Babs Bolts - Actress comes homes to save skin; skip escort
  • Tort and Retort - Case dismissal of strike-break gunner mistake; rights but not to violence
  • *Wild Guns - Child near death; state allows guns in too many hands
  • Unstable - Big screen TV's; planned obsolescence
  • Two Blitzes - Wellesley gets last laugh on Harvard pranksters
  • Brain - Still a mystery, cortical area theory disputed
  • More Soaks - Rats like the same stuff as sap but hold line at 7%
  • Chivalry - Manslaughter for murdering ex
  • Church - Well-designed new church
  • A Machine - Rust Bros. cotton picker will do away with sharecropper labor
  • Aristocrat - "Porgy" author Heyward without silver spoon
  • *Old Square - New Orleans seeks to save Le Vieux Carré
  • Clown - Ben Turpin laughter gone with Hitler
  • Battle - Bonhomme Richard fought the Brit bravely in 1779
  • Record - Criminal past slow to catch up
  • *Hot Death - Summer murders; but hotter places than Charlotte
  • It's An Art - "What'll you have, cold plate or hot roast beef sandwich?"
  • Fabulous Man - Fired machinist defies authority, sails Ark from Seattle to Juneau; re-employed
  • In Ecstasy--Hymn Done In Imitation of the Dithyrambic Manner  - Football or battle? UNC vs. Duke

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