The Charlotte News

Sunday, March 29, 1936



Those Vexing War Debts.

Senator Borah was quite outspoken about our defaulting War debtors. Touched off by Neville Chamberlain's declaration that England did not do the impossible, Senator Borah reported that England had no desire to try. Vehemently he went on to assert that there was--

"... no difference in law or morals between the treaty-breaking actions of Germany and Italy and the action of these nations in repudiating their debts."

The degree of England's, France's or any other country's wistfulness to settle their War debts, if that were possible, is hard to establish without peering into their collective minds. But it is clear enough as time goes on they are putting this tiresome subject further from their consideration. Yet there remains the question of actual ability to pay not in pounds sterling or francs or kopecs, but in [rest of article not presently available].

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