The Charlotte News

Sunday, May 17, 1936



Leif and Christopher.

This Nazi influence spreads. On guard, gentlemen! lest aftsoon we be eating sauerkraut for breakfast and having to pretend to like it. Already Hitler has revamped Heaven, reorganized the Saints around the Throne, given God express commands to eliminate all Jews from celestial service and to disinherit Christ. And, now, Christopher Columbus is no more to be the discoverer of America, but Leif Ericsson.

At an official banquet, evidently held in celebration of the discovery of America although announced for another purpose, the Nordic explorers and conquerors of the Atlantic from Ericsson to Lindbergh were held up to high admiration by the Nazi feasters. The Latin Columbus was not even mentioned.

And, indeed, what harm can come in admitting that the hardy Leif antedated Columbus on these shores by 500 years? Also, what do the Nazis gain by the admission? From Ericsson to Columbus, America remained the same wilderness in which it was first found. From Columbus to Lindbergh it became the world's miracle of development. What matters it if the Vikings be conceded to have discovered this wilderness ten thousand years ago? The real discoverers of America were the Americans.

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