The Charlotte News

Friday, April 10, 1936



The Other Cheek.

The trouble with God, according to Herr Hitler, is that He permitted the Jews to get a monopoly on Him, wherefore by authority of the Reichstag He has been taken over, throne, Heaven, Bible and all. The Germanized Bible is now in print and the Hebrews have no chapter in it. King Solomon's name is deleted and the New Testament version of the Ten Commandments is repealed. Scribes and Pharisees no longer exist and Jerusalem is merely a real estate development.

For those of us who would worship the liberated God, emancipated by Hitler, we no longer have to turn the other cheek when an angry brother gives us a poke in the jaw. Instead:

If thy comrade smite thee on the face in his wrath, it is not always right to smite him back. It is more manly to preserve a superior calm. Mayhap thy comrade will repent.

That's better. One might, conceivably, preserve a superior calm up a tree or in another county, but we defy even Zaccheus to turn the other cheek at that distance. Even so, the German God takes no stock in Jews. The Nazis have smitten them in the face, on both sides, and the Jews have not smitten back. Still the Nazis have not repented. Perhaps it was because the Israelites did not preserve a superior calm.

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