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Tuesday, December 1, 1953


Site Ed. Note: View the front page and editorial page of this date.

In a compromise with having slowly but gradually fallen behind real time corresponding dates by about 40 days over the course of the pandemic months of 2020, we are posting, as of August 12, 2020, the dates of July 4 through August 12, 1953, without notes for now. We shall proceed with the daily summaries and notes in the meantime until we catch up. The reader will be able to see the dates without notes at any given point during that interim by the absence of the hieroglyph, (&$O'Ð♪), following the date. Thus each day, there will be a new note, as marked by the presence of the hieroglyph, starting with July 4, plus a new edition of the front page and editorial page, starting with August 13, advancing in that way until the notes eventually catch up to the corresponding date in 2020, hopefully sometime during the fall. Until then...

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