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Friday, September 19, 1941


Site Ed. Note: As to "He's Healthy", too bad he didn't get his head examined while he was about it, Hope Diamond in the offing or no.

"Desperation" would be belied by the weather, which would shortly turn the swords to ploughshares for the nonce in Russia, rendering the Wehrmacht largely immobile in the snow and mud, and rendering this piece a hit off a short hop into left field with curved air doing the talking from the slider behind the dugout. The piece from the Baltimore Evening Sun, or, more accurately, the ghost of General Armand de Caulaincourt, instead fairly called the pitch before it ever left the pitcher's hand.

Question thus becomes: Who was doing the pitching for such a godless land as was reputedly the Soviet Union?

Perhaps Caulaincourt maintained a spectral presence, mournful for the fate of his homeland?

Anyway, fare thee well to Yankee Stadium. Whether traversed by actual arcing curves, prestidigital sleight of hand, or just the mutarotational weather of ruth (think about it), ne'er a one shall pass that way again save via the wrecking ball.

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