The Charlotte News

Monday, September 15, 1941


Site Ed. Note: Today we learn from "Any Old Port" of Mr. Huey looking for a restroom in downtown Charlotte at night, falling down the shaft of the skeleton of the new Federal Reserve Bank building, all because Charlotte had refused since at least 1937 to place a facility within the Founders' boneyard.

Meanwhile, in Japan, one Hidemori Kawhara was reported as busy digging 220 feet down through skeletal remains of the diggers murdered by his Shogun grandfather to protect his secret hidey-hole for enough gold to replenish the treasury of Japan and rekindle its ability to participate in international trade, despite frozen assets in the United States.

We shall splice the two together as "Dem Bones".

And just what the "Visitin' Around" is trying to say today escapes us. Maybe, you'll have better luck. But we think it's a reach, at best.

Framed Edition
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