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Tuesday, August 26, 1941


Site Ed. Note: The quote of the day had on April 18, 1940 formed the basis for some commentary, probably by Cash, anent coincidences--"Good Timing", it was called.

And, whether by coincidence or deliberate continuity within the mind of J. E. Dowd, "Big Talk" of this day happens to dovetail fairly perfectly, as if printed on successive days, with the Cash piece, "On the March", of that earlier day.

The name of the quote's author also appeared on the page of June 28, 1941, within a short re-printed piece from Coronet.

But what neither Cash nor Dowd could have predicted within the realm of Zarathustric-peering Serendipity is the Rhode Island Red coincidence also here before our eyes. (That one isn't obvious, unless you have been paying close attention in class; and we'll not supply any hints. If you haven't been paying attention, good luck. The search engine will only carry you so far; then you're on your own. But there is an exceptional Mercedes Benz spiral-staircase tour there, should it occur to the attentive. Just don't let the shreve catch you at it. He might port you.)

Yet again, a quick search through our files netted one other mention of the name of the quote's author, at least sort of a mention--from the Gettysburg Times, October 25, 1962, during the height of the Cuban missile crisis, with a nice little filler occurring on that page about how the Dutch East India Company came to legitimize its trading post on the island of Manhattan by buying the place with beads plus some other goods, altogether worth 120 guilders, from the Native American inhabitants they found there.

Ah well, all in a day's work and journey.

Also today, we learn that Governor Broughton continued not to investigate the Bassed-up Klucker lynch mob which formed in Person two weeks earlier with rocks in Roxboro.

Finally, the Clapper piece informs that perhaps that RAF pilot, whose family wafted in from somewhere off the ether yesterday, may have been able on occasion to get home via bicycle after all, as many of the pilots had their families only a few miles down the road from the airfields, those families who were not either bombed out of their homes or not otherwise moved completely out of harm's way from likely Luftwaffe targets, maybe to Southease, for instance.

Better talk fast, Herr Doktor Goebbels--time is running out. We heard that they are starting now to eat the dead in Leningrad to stay alive during the siege.

V-v-v-Vlad to the bone.

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