The Charlotte News

Friday, August 22, 1941


Site Ed. Note: Touch wood, touch earth, Antaeus.

No, the lady had no misdemeanor finger. It was merely boiling. She rang the dinner bell. B-b-bad to the bone.

And, we agree with Mr. Will Blake, whether or not he is either ken to the poet or to Dead Man. What was valid in the war of 1941, is, we should opine, equally valid today. Perhaps, even more so.

We'll say it again, not only in regard to Mr. Blake's statement, but also as to Mr. Bagwell's letter of the day: Reap few topes ere decision, then feck's frankly fee. Jure-filled, nooking puissance, Gaspar's disseisee.

(Now, that one, we admit, is a bit of a hard one; it may take you some time. Be patient with yourself. We'll give you a hint: bacon. And if ye can't catch it in the Dog Days, save it fer a day at Gad's Hill. Say you read it in The News. Thank you.)

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