The Charlotte News

Friday, August 1, 1941


Site Ed. Note: The Grand Dragon Adams Show returns to the column today, after a six-month absence since January 17.

He had, over time, made other special appearances in "Klan Column", May 26, 1940, and "Math Exercise", September 10, 1940. (Don't miss "Odd Parallel" of the same date, either.) See also "Mob Maker", March 15, 1940.

At least in Rock Hill, fewer than 100 people had shown up. The beating steadily of war drums by Nazis abroad, with ample kinship of mind to the war drum beaters of Dragon Adams and his ilk, apparently had considerably sobered and dampened the old fruit jar drinkers of the nighttime rallies shouting hosannas in the red circle around the sacred fiery cross, donned of their little white riding hoods--at least dampened them enough for now and the next four years, to stay away.


Meanwhile, a little more reaction on whether that Gaston County case was simple murder or a lynching.

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