The Charlotte News

Tuesday, July 22, 1941


Site Ed. Note: As no proper presentation should be lacking an encore, we present this day's page as well--more for its third letter to the editor than anything else. The piece to which the letter refers, "Pay-Off", appeared June 30, 1941, the day before Cash's death, the day he first complained to Mary of being followed by Nazi agents.

The particular letter writer chose his times for letters to The News curiously, his first thank you note having come about three weeks after Cash's stint began as associate editor on or around November 1, 1937, concerning a piece, possibly by Cash, printed a month earlier, and his second having appeared just three weeks after Cash's death.

So again we ask the question: was he a regular reader of The News?--even if three weeks after the fact.

We're so tired. We've been leering at the print so long. So you answer the question.

Framed Edition
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