The Charlotte News

Monday, June 2, 1941


Site Ed. Note: This day's night of course would see Cash's most notable address he ever gave, and by far to his largest audience, the 1941 graduating class of the University of Texas.

Meanwhile, back in Charlotte, the newspaper chugged along. The concluding lines of "Inventory" quoting former Premier Metaxas of Greece, who died of natural causes in late January, calls to mind "Odd Noise" of April 25, in which Cash discusses the possibility that his successor, Alexandros Korizis, did not necessarily die of suicide on April 18, just as the Nazis entered Athens, as it was reported.

The little piece on Stephen Foster, appearing to be essentially a filler, hearkens back to "Maxine Is Comforted", March 2, 1939, regarding the swinging up of Foster's music, much to the questioning, if not the consternation, of the classically oriented Cash.

Mr. Rudisill's letter to the editor was probably very much in accord with the thinking of many of the isolationist corps in the country--that is that the Jews "propagandered" against the Christians back there in them olden times, and so...

Well, we tend to agree with the sentiment expressed by the editorial note. So we shall leave it at that. The rest was history.

Installment 1 of Out of the Night by Jan Valtin is here.

"...She was loading up the wagon in the rain, but she never came through here again... These days, the market's an old parking lot, and she never came through here again."

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