The Charlotte News

Thursday, June 12, 1941


Site Ed. Note: Whether Thomas Coker of Hartsville, who writes an abrupt letter to the editor chastising Hitler sympathizers and praising the call to unity offered by the late Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie, was kin to the cotton baron, David R. Coker, also of Hartsville, we don't know. Regardless, it is an interesting letter, conveying the emotion of the time, when the country still remained on the ropes, taking punches aplenty for its steadfast refusal, led by the isolationists and Hitler sympathizers of whom the letter speaks in bitter, denunciative terms, to join fully the war.

In the New York Herald Tribune piece on Dr. Geiling's revelations with regard to there being ample room inside the belly of the whale for Jonah, even if in the process the swallowed would more likely succumb to the digestive juices than be regurgitated, there appears enough of the curious confluence of the religio-spiritual and empiricism, the Bryan-Darrow alluvial delta where monkey miraculously transformed on the tree to man, (in Cash's usage, previously analyzed and likely with accuracy, as representing the ostensibly dichotomous, yet effluvious continuum, of father to son, as it were as the Lord spake Jonah to Ninevah), to be easily suggestive of having emanated from Cash. Who knows? Maybe from somewhere down river, it did. He was, after all, in this period, seeking to publish pieces independently. Whether in fact he placed any pieces in this last month of his life, however, is not recorded in any of the biographical research thus far accomplished.

Installment 10 of Out of the Night is here. Jan goes to college, at the real Communist University, wherein they really did study little except that convivial to the Red pandemic, not just the one to which the ones on the outside of which liked to launch Red stones from the motley moored head of the helmsman. In other words, Superman's in the trap. As Bumstead listens to his song, while the bedstead is used by big Easy, undercover, to fight back.

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