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Saturday, February 17, 1940


Site Ed. Note: The other four editorials of this date, added among the original editorials first posted to the site in December, 1998, are here. We left this one off, thinking then that it wasn't by Cash. Indeed, it may not be, but it is plain enough that at times he did write about the subject of the local illegal numbers running, and so we add it.

We have since re-evaluated, however, with a few more editorials in our store than we had at the beginning in 1998, such that it becomes reasonably clear that "Resilient", "Case Report", and "Gambler", all regarding subjects on which Cash plainly wrote numerous editorials, were most likely crafted from his hands as well.

Two In A Row*

The Police And Judge Sims Have A Couple Of Good Days

The odds are a thousand to one against winning the butter 'n' eggs, which makes all the more remarkable the feat of Judge Frank Sims. This week he hit twice hand-running.

He hit Thursday for $285 plus costs, and again Friday for $430 plus costs, making a total of $715 plus the costs in sixteen convictions, plus the mouthpiece's fee, which is probably paid on a retainer basis. Altogether, we guess that the police and Judge Sims combined took from the bank something like a thousand bucks.

A bad week was this for the proprietors of this lush racket. It takes a lot of pennies and nickels and dimes to make a thousand dollars, and, besides, the boys can have no assurance that the police and the court won't keep it up until the overhead eats into profits, until runners take fright and look for honest work, until the thousands of people who play picayunish sums every day begin to wonder if winners will be paid off.

If that should happen, the butter 'n' eggs will be dead, for a while, anyhow. And that, considering the nature of some of the men who have fattened on it, would be a salutary development for all who live in this community.


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