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Tuesday, November 4, 1941


Site Ed. Note: Today's page contains an excellent summary of the war to date by Dorothy Thompson, and from within the perspective of Charles Lindbergh's advice to the Chamberlain Government in Great Britain and the Daladier Government in France in 1938 to enter the Munich Pact. She concludes by asking rhetorically therefore in whose interests he is acting now, in counseling the abandonment of Britain to the Nazis. The answer is fairly obvious that Hitler had promised Lindbergh a Reichsfuehrer position in America after the Nazi takeover. That might sound fanciful, even ludicrous, but it is not entirely speculative, and certainly was considered reasonable at the time as a logical inference to draw from Lindbergh's public statements and leadership position in the America First movement, a position tending to blend in the rallies with the Nazi-aligned American Bund.

There not being much else on the page today worthy of comment, we just thought we would offer that we wholly support today's Winner in the presidential race, this November 4, 2008, a truly historic day in our country's history. The Winner is a man of integrity, of forthrightness, of strength and courage, articulate, of good will toward all Americans, and, indeed, toward most non-Americans, all of democratic tendencies anyway. We respect the Winner, find him wholly suitable to the job for which he will be sworn in as the 44th President on January 20, 2009 and wish him well, as well we do his running mate, who is also a person well-qualified for the job. This new President is one we can get behind and whom we shall respect every day he is in office, one who schoolchildren may look up to with vigor as representative of a truly noble personage, unlike few heretofore in our history. In short, this is a President. And this has been an historic election. It is a good feeling to feel like a winner, and tonight, we do.*

This has been a paid political ad sponsored by Americans for a New President. We approve this message. Thank you. Say you read it in The News.

*(All of the above is of course contingent upon pending election returns, which we now must go watch.)

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