The Charlotte News

Tuesday, October 28, 1941


Site Ed. Note: War draws closer as the reports roll in of new ship sinkings, including now a Standard oil tanker, to add to the recent Greer, Lehigh, Bold Venture, and Kearney, the latter with ten missing and eleven injured, all sunk since the beginning of September. And, The News reports, the President in his Navy Day speech implies that a shooting war, precipitated by Germany, is nigh if not already upon the country.

By a little after midnight, in the wee hours of Friday morning, yet a step closer war would come--but, officially, still not yet.

And if you haven't noticed, somebody at The News seems to be reshuffling the quotes of the day in repetitive sequence. Bartlett's must have run out.

As to the letter to the editor on the woebegone turkey buzzard and the disconsolate skunk over by fetid, putrid Sugaw Creek, nunc pro tunc, a treader through the theater's sun can sow the dawn murky in fuzzword's sand-drift list in pencil-lit sunken-trunk of Croatan lurking in the covers where thy meted rubid cuck-shaw leaked, but a better trough now doth Leander seek, where two faws meek toe-splay the faun, perking finned bustard's fanned lift brisk with tinsel writ, the Goth's meander freak now spelunking low in Götterdämmerung--and so it is, and so it was, and so we shall the fuzzy tale now come to seek in Goethe's xeric flambeau darter's tongue. The boats laid cross the Hellespont as in Xerxes time, to die the Spartans' martyrs, but yet undone the drossed gammadion. O Fortune cries, O Fortune weeps, and inward bound the Warder seeps.

The microfilm does not possess tomorrow's print; so again, the day is an open slate. Make of it thus what you make.

Framed Edition
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