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Saturday, October 11, 1941


Site Ed. Note: Gerald W. Johnson, Cash's friend in life, appears on the page today from the Baltimore Evening Sun, regarding the twilight hours of Ambassador Daniels's career as Ambassador to Mexico, his retirement having been announced in the spring and to become effective at the end of October, negotiating a treaty between the United States and Mexico to avoid trade problems, those having been entangled by the oil expropriation in March 1938 of U.S. and British private interests, and the silver buy-up by the United States in recent years, and thus to avoid a coup in Mexico stimulated by the Nazis which might put at the back door of the U.S. a hostile dictatorship, and also thereby put the oil back in Hitler's reserve, though now a harder transaction to aid the European campaign, for the closing of the former Japanese-delivered Vladivostok route since the June 22 invasion of Russia, but which might have considerable repercussions for planting Nazi planes and ships in Mexico with means to fly them and therefore immediately threaten the United States.

Just what the particulars, however, of this treaty negotiation were, is not imparted by the piece. Perhaps, we shall get to that--but it, of course, shortly would become a moot issue.

Raymond Clapper today discusses the importance, both for America, and, in competition for them, Japan, of the key raw materials, besides oil, tin and rubber, held primarily, other than in South America, by the Dutch and British interests in the Pacific.

As for Senator Soaper, so far we have found little about which to be enthused over his presence on the page. But today, as with yesterday, he has come up with at least a little thing or two of interest. Today, it is Joltin' Joe in the World Series, along with some other lads of Italian heritage.

So, here's to you, Senator Soaper...

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