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Saturday, January 7, 1939



Cloud in the East

The overturn of the Japanese Government seems to do no good for the United States, Britain and France. At this distance, it is easy to telescope facts too much, but so far as we can find, the country seems to have come under an essentially Fascist regime. At least, it has come completely under the domination of the party of the military order, which has been peddling an ideology that fundamentally is that of Fascism.

What this means is probably two things: (1) that the reports we have been hearing of Japan's increasingly strained financial position and growing disaffection among some elements of the population are substantially correct; and (2) that the new regime proposes to organize the nation for a terrific attempt to end the Chinese war swiftly and ruthlessly--on the terms which the military always has demanded, the complete subjugation of China and ejection of all foreign interest from the country.

In any case, it is this element, now in power, which has all along given the western powers most trouble. It sank the Panay, for instance, probably in defiance of the wishes of the old more liberal civil government. And lately, it has been reported to be considering the seizure of Hong Kong by way of "teaching the British a lesson." Add that up with the fact that it violently resents our new policy which Britain shares, of lending financial aid to Chiang Kai-Shek; join that to the report that an active military alliance between this new Japanese Government and Germany and Italy is in the making--and the prospect is not too cheering.


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