The Charlotte News

Saturday, December 18, 1954


Site Ed. Note: The front page is here and the editorial page is here for this date.

In keeping with our effort in the week prior to Christmas, 2021 to catch up on the two weeks of editions on which we got behind earlier in the year, we skip, at least for now, any summary of this Saturday's edition, largely redundant of stories which had already been reported or issues on which editorials had recently covered.

One new front page story out of Greensboro, N.C., intended by its headline to capture the eye of the reader, involved the Woman's College student literary publication, Coraddi, evoking a couple of delicate topics. And if you do not wish to see that for which the school chancellor, Dr. Edward K. Graham, censured the female staff of the publication, do not look at page 15 of the fall edition, or read the story at page 7. Some girls had been nice for Christmas, in expectation of beneficence from Santa Claus, while, obviously, others...

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