The Charlotte News

January 19 - February 16, 1942


Below is the series of articles on the insane asylum at Morganton, by Tom Jimison, former News reporter, lawyer, and defrocked Methodist minister. He spent a full year in the facility on a voluntary commitment, until early May, 1941. The sixteen-part series, picked up by several newspapers, reverberated throughout the state and led to a special investigation of conditions in all mental health facilities in North Carolina by a Governor's five-person blue ribbon panel, the recommendations of which were released on August 8, 1942, remarkably consistent with the complaints laid down first in this series by Mr. Jimison. Also included is a nine-part companion series anent conditions in the women's ward, by a female inmate, a young woman who had been a student at Queens College in Charlotte and was in the state hospital for a year and a half. (Missing from the microfilm are part six of the Jimison series, from January 24, and part eight of the Anonymous series, from February 14.)


by Tom Jimison

January 19, 1942, January 20, January 21, January 22

January 23, January 26, January 27, January 28, January 29,

January 30, January 31, February 2, February 3, February 4, February 5



February 6, 1942, February 7, February 9, February 10

February 11, February 12, February 13, February 16

Framed Edition
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