The Charlotte News

Monday, September 2, 1940


Site Ed. Note: We further add to our note of four years ago a remark anent the letter to the editor from "A Reader" on the page, the whole of which we did not have four years ago: the anonymous caviller against Cash's editorials urging institution of the draft, an issue then before Congress, at one point says: "AMERICA FIRST. Love It or Leave It". For those too young to remember the late 1960's, this was a popular bumper-sticker slogan of self-professed super-patriots, American Party supporters, a mélange of cynical sloganeer-sneerers out of the Know-Nothing tradition of the mid-1850's and downright racists, identified by the usual Confederate flag displayed next to it or nearby, who nominated George Wallace and Curtis LeMay for President and Vice-President in 1968. These individuals nearly destroyed our country with their profligacy. Some of them, now usually identifying themselves as "conservative" Republicans, still do. Just so you will know from whence this letter writer was coming, well before his time.

Framed Edition
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