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At Nurnberg this afternoon, thirty days' mobilization and a week's Nazi Party congress come to a climax in the speech of Der Fuehrer. On the content of that speech the momentary fate of Europe hangs for all men to see. That the speech will be belligerent in tone is a foregone conclusion, for Der Fuehrer is speaking to his subjects, and it would never do to let them suspect that discretion had overcome Der Fuehrer's valor. Indeed, there is no assurance that it will, for so constantly has the leader droned the myth of German invincibility into his people that he has obviously begun to believe in it himself.

Germany has a sort of invincibility, to be sure--the invincibility that comes from an utter disregard of the consequences of its actions. It is this quality which has enabled Hitler to play a cool hand in a game whose every move involves the probable annihilation of his country, the possible destruction of civilization and certain death to human beings by the hundreds of thousands. The leader's freedom from any moral qualms over the terrible events that he may set in motion has been a powerful factor in his dealings with accountable nations. And there are signs that it has convinced them that there is only one argument which makes any impression upon an outlaw, and that estimate is to meet threat with threat, his force with opposing force.

Whether or not they will have to, for the time being, at any rate, depends on the content of that speech this afternoon. Get on with it, Herr Hitler!

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