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Tuesday, September 10, 1940



Site Ed. Note: Kukus never did count; they still don't. Simple arithmetic is a little too complex for such fools, you see. The equation 2x + 3y = 3y + 2x is even a little too tough for their brain stems. Just as with their Nazi compadres, they can't read either--except, that is, what they want to read, that with which they find ready and complete agreement in their opprobrious little world of thieving Magpie Lawds and Laties, who embrace the four fingered four-in-hand, that which massages their emotive beliefs--locked in a Murphy-bed somewhere in their walls--built on absurd notions, that which tells them they are royalty above and beyond the rest of us mere citizens of the United States.

And if something should not fit into their neat little self-anointed Jack and Jill Cade royal world, they seek first to pettyfog it to death, failing which, they simply try to kill it.

Met or heard of anyone like that? Not in Maine. QED.

Always remember Rule 1: Hiss back. Usually, the poor little creeps then slink again into the holes from which they emerged. If not, there are other remedies.

In Maine

Republican Voters Pour Back Into Party Fold

No decisive light as to what will happen in November is afforded by the returns from Maine.

The slogan, "As Maine Goes, So Does the Nation" never had much sense in it, anyhow. The only time the Democrats have ever been able to elect a candidate in the state was when the whole country had turned against the Republicans, as in 1932. And Maine was Vermont's lone companion in clinging to the Republican banner in 1936, at which time no Democrat was elected to the principal state offices.

There remains only the question of majorities. All observers agree that there has been a decided drift Republican-ward in the last four years. The question is whether it is great enough to overcome the Roosevelt lead and elect Willkie.

The Maine election looks more hopeful for the Republicans. In 1936 the GOP candidate was elected to the Senate by a majority of barely 4,000 votes, though the majority of the gubernatorial candidate was 37,000. This year the Senatorial candidate won by approximately 45, 000 votes, while the gubernatorial candidate has piled up a margin of 70,000. That is, the extreme majority of the party is nearly twice what it was in 1936.

That indicates that, in Republican Maine, Republicans who have more or less consistently strayed from the fold since the advent of Roosevelt are now heading home in flocks. And if they do it on the same scale over the nation in November, Willkie is pretty certain to be elected. For voters with a Republican heritage constitute a majority in most of the decisive states.

However, in view of Maine's intense Republicanism even in the times when other Republican states were abandoning the party banner, it would be rash to assume as yet that the drift elsewhere is so pronounced.


Odd Parallel

New York's Record Does Not Bear Out Fish Faith

Here is the record of the members of the House of Representatives from North and South Carolina on the Fish Amendment to defer the draft and wait for volunteers for 60 days after the passage of the conscription bill:

Yeas Nays

None All

This is highly interesting in view of the figures on the Army's drive to enlist volunteers throughout the nation. This figure showed that the Fourth Corps area, to which both states belong, had furnished more volunteers than any other corps area in the country. And that North Carolina had given more volunteers than any other state.

What makes it doubly instructive is that Rep. Hamilton Fish, the chronic obstructionist who fathered the "volunteer" amendment, comes from New York's silk-stocking Twenty-sixth District, which lies in the gilded "home counties" just outside New York City.

Well, and how did New York show up in the Army report? The corps area to which it belonged had turned in fewer volunteers, in relation to population, than any other area. And the great city of New York has the poorest record of all.

Apparently the states which furnished the most volunteers have the least trust in the efficacy of the volunteer system, are most strongly in favor of the draft. And those which furnished the fewest volunteers are loudest in their demand for retention of the volunteer system, most hotly against the draft.

Make of it whatever you please.


Math Exercise

The Kukus Could Do With a Little Instruction in It

The Kuku Klan of South Carolina had a big day in Columbia Sunday. In convention assembled the crew adopted resolutions applauding James E. Colescott of Atlanta, who is styled Imperial Wizard, and Ben E. Adams of Columbia, who is styled Grand Dragon for South Carolina.

These men, the resolutions said, had done wonderful work in South Carolina and the nation, and Colescott was especially congratulated on having fired the Grand Dragon in New Jersey for snuggling up to the Nazi Bund. The Klan wanted the world to know it had no sympathy for Nazi ideals.

Nothing, however, was said about the little matter of the conviction of certain Klansmen in Atlanta along in the Spring for having kidnapped and murdered a man. Nor is anything said about the extensive floggings about Anderson, S. C. committed by certain Klansmen who haven't yet been convicted but whose names, according to police evidence, are certainly on Dragon Adams' rolls. Or was there something said? Could these be the great works for "true Americanism" which were referred to?

And as for that desire to insure the world that the Klan has nothing in common with the Nazis, it rather seems to us that the Kukus should instruct themselves in a little elementary mathematics, the pure science.

The Nazi Bund preaches and practices racial hatred, intolerance, violence, and the brutal suppression of those they don't like. The Klan preaches and practices the same things.

And it is one of the primary axioms of mathematics, as we remember it, that things which are equal to the same thing are equal to each other. Q.E.D.


Far Out

Willkie's Reverses Himself With a Perilous Promise

Wendell Willkie has stuck his neck out before, as when he plumped for the drafting of men and turned right around and denounced the conscription of balky manufacturers.

But he got out further Saturday than at any time to date. Said he:

"I shall never lead this country into any European war. And when I say that I mean it."

Nobody else that we have heard of proposes to take us into any "European war." But Mr. Willkie is definitely on record as believing that the war which is now in progress is not merely a European war. He has explicitly stated his belief that our safety greatly depends on the saving of Britain. He has come out whole hog for aid to her "short of war." He has plainly stated his opinion that the sending of 50 destroyers to England constitutes such aid, merely objecting to the methods used in doing it.

Yet, by inference, he accuses the President of plotting to take us into some non-existent "European war" for doing exactly the things he himself advocates!

It is entirely possible that we may presently face the hard choice of seeing Britain fall and having war brought to our own shores or going all out to her aid. Would it be a "European war" then? But if our destiny hung upon going to the aid of Britain, Mr. Willkie would have tied his hands with a solemn promise--something no statesman should ever do. And he would have served notice on Hitler that the English were his meat (for all of us), served notice on the English that they need hope for no aid from us, regardless of the fact that Mr. Willkie says Britain fights our battle.

It is an out and out bid for the isolationist vote. And it is fully as shabby as Mr. Roosevelt's worst two-timing. For a man who, by his own confession, lived miles above the sleazy tricks and double-talk of politics, Mr. Willkie seems to be learning fast.


Heinie Reads

It Fits With the Ideas Already Planted in Him

Do you think Heinie drooped over his near-beer in Berlin ever has any secret notion that just possibly the nation of which he is a member is engaged in the greatest criminal action of all time and that if it should lose it may expect to pay the penalty?

Not at all. Heinie is filled with the most positive conviction of the absolute moral righteousness of his cause. His head has been filled full of the notion that it is the right of the Herrenvolk to rule the world and that England began it all by attacking Germany instead of doing the only decent thing and quietly submitting to the natural right of the Herrenvolk.

And every day, his newspapers tell him things like this from yesterday's Berliner Zeitung, with reference to the RAF attack on Hamburg:

"Apparently the British night pirates (sic) despite the destructive German reprisals (sic), have not yet had enough. The further actions of the German Air Force will teach England definitely that Adolf Hitler's words are being converted into deeds."


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