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Friday, July 5, 1940




American Munich Men Should Be Exposed Now

Dorothy Thompson, in her column printed on this page today, charges flatly what has been intimated before, that certain American industrialists and "popular leaders" are already making up to the Nazis with a view to using their power to persuade this country that the Nazis are really pretty good fellows who are quite sincere in their vociferations that they have no designs on the Western Hemisphere, and all they ask is "co-operation," in the shape of loans with which to buy American goods, and build a perfectly lovely world in which all men will live together in peace like nice little Nazi brothers.

The identity of some of these men will be easy to guess for anybody who has observed what has gone on in this country in the last six years. But the American public should be explicitly informed by Miss Thompson and other publicists who are able to lay their hands on the evidence as to the identity of every one of them.

These men are of the same stamp of appeasers as Pierre Laval and Pierre Etienne Flandin and their industrial backers in France, and Stanley Baldwin, Samuel Hoare, Neville Chamberlain and their industrial backers in England. And what they propose for us is a scheme just as fatal as the schemes which led up to and culminated in Munich. The motive behind their action is essentially the same motive that lay behind appeasement in Europe--the greed of gain or power. But some of them are also probably sympathetic with the Nazi idea as such.

Adolf Hitler's plan for taking us is well set forth by Miss Thompson. In brief it is to allow us to sleep until he has had time to fully prepare himself, to establish himself solidly in Latin-America, to let his propaganda, aided by that of his American "respectable" allies, get in its full effect, and then to back a Nazi revolution in the United States with whatever force is necessary--which will be much if he succeeds in his aim of getting us to relax our defense preparations.

The value of Adolf Hitler's assurances and promises is well known. He swore over and over that he had no designs on the Rhineland and on Austria until he took them. After taking Austria, he assured the Czech minister and British minister at Berlin that he had no designs on Czechoslovakia. After Munich, he assured the world that he had no designs on the rump state of Czechoslovakia. After his occupation of that rump state, he declared in a public speech that he had no quarrel with Poland, and recalled the ten-year non-aggression pact signed with Pilsudski in 1934. After his invasion of Poland, he assured the Scandinavian nations and Holland and Belgium that they had nothing to fear from him, kept on repeating that assurance until he invaded them. A promise or an assurance by Adolf Hitler that he has no designs on a nation or a territory is the most absolute proof that he does have such designs and that the nation which believes him and acts on the belief is committing suicide.

It is incredible that the American appeasers do not know this. And if they do, then the name for them is a good deal more unpleasant than appeaser. But if they are deluding themselves, they are just as dangerous. Their scheme plays the Nazi game to perfection. And whether they intend it or not they are engaged in the betrayal of the American Republic into the hands of the Berlin tyranny.

Nor are they to be pooh-poohed away as of no importance. They undoubtedly have powerful sources of publicity at their command. And they have powerful arguments addressed directly to the greed and fear of everybody in the country. To the farmer, they will hold out the promise of the disposal of all surpluses, of being able to sell all he can grow at high prices. To the laborer of constant employment at high wages. To all business men of fat profits. And to all who might have to fight if war came, to their fathers and mothers, to sentimental pacifists, the prospect of peace.

All that will turn to ashes in the end, as anybody who knows what the Nazi regime is and what it proposes will understand. Farmer, laborer, business man, peace-lover, will be reduced eventually to slaves in a slave economy which will be a mere satellite of Berlin. Freedom will be wiped out. Even the loans from our Government will have to be paid out of the pocket of every American. But it is doubtful if the people generally yet understand that. And the immediate prospect offered will be very alluring. It is probably the single greatest danger we face.

And the best way to deal with it is to head it off, to smoke out these appeasers before they get going, name them to the public and expose their plans and motives.


Clean Bill

Country Escapes Lynching Despite Hate Campaigns

According to the report of Dr. Patterson, president of Tuskegee Institute, there were no lynchings in the United States during the first six months of this year.

Before we conclude too much from that, however, it is just as well to remember that there was no lynching in the first six months of 1939, either. But by the end of the year the score was three, two of which were accounted for by Florida and one by Mississippi.

Nevertheless, when all this is said, the outlook for the ultimate complete disappearance of lynching is now increasingly hopeful. The three last year compared with six in 1938, eight in 1937, and twenty in 1935. Moreover, the period in which there have been just three lynchings actually extends from October 11, 1938, down to the present--nearly 21 months.

How great an advance that is can be measured when we remember that in 1892 the score was 165, mostly Negroes lynched in the South, and that even in the 1920's the score regularly ran in the neighborhood of twenty each year.

What is perhaps most encouraging about the matter is that the record for this year and last was set up in face of increasing activity on the part of the Ku Klux Klan and organized campaigns by demagogues to stir up racial hatred. There is the chief danger that the tendency may again be reversed. But at least we can take the comfort that such campaigns have so far not been effective.



The Nazis Grow Hot for Law and Chivalry

The great zeal of the Nazis for international law and chivalry is a wonderful thing to see.

They coolly set out upon a career of conquest like that once pursued by their barbarian ancestors. To that end they turn themselves back into barbarians. They tear up not only the treaty of Versailles but Locarno, the Polish non-aggression pact, their pact guaranteeing the neutrality of Belgium, a dozen others.

They overrun and destroy the Governments and civilizations of their neighbors. They systematically murder the leadership of those neighbors, and enslave the people. They invent a system of war under which the killing of women and children is the head and front of the attack. They deliberately stampede refugees into the paths of armies. They practice piracy and murder on the high seas by sinking passenger vessels without warning. They deliberately bomb and machine gun hospital ships, ambulances, with the Red Cross painted all over them.

They openly profess cruelty as their prime principle. They openly laugh at the notion that they are bound by any law, including that of humanity.

But they roar against the English action in destroying the French fleet so as to keep it out of their hands as an "incredible outrage to international law," and "the blackest act of treachery ever recorded." They squeal that Mr. Churchill who ordered it is a "knave," a "dog," a "hog," and that the British are duty bound to hang him in Trafalgar Square. And confess by their rage that it was their purpose to violate one more promise, that given to the French that they would not use the French fleet against the British.

And the moment bombs begin to fall on German soil, they start bleating about the "brute English" who bomb women and children, hospitals.

It is, you see, the Nazi doctrine that the Herrenvolk have a right to murder and enslave us at will, but to hit back, to balk or spill a drop of blood of the holy Master Race--that, masters, is a violation of international law and beastly unchivalrous.


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