Photo appearing with Cash's elegiac article, His Sister Knew Tom Wolfe Well, July 30, 1939, based on an interview Cash had in Charlotte with Mabel Wolfe Wheaton, Wolfe's sister. Cash was not always completely kind to Wolfe in his reviews prior to the young author's death of tuberculosis of the brain in September, 1938; he always respected the flowing grace of Wolfe's prose as poetry but equally thought him disjointed and erratic as a novelist. But after the sickle cut down the Asheville, N.C. native at the height of his literary powers at age 38, the same as Cash, Cash eulogized Wolfe in October as "undoubtedly the ablest novelist of his generation". (See links to other Cash articles on Wolfe from within the precis to the above-linked article.) So deep was Cash's sorrow for Wolfe's early passing, in fact, that he cried at the grave in Riverside Cemetery in Asheville, just a few weeks before arranging the interview with Mrs. Wheaton.