March, 1936 photo of Cash appearing in The News, announcing his signing of a book contract with the Knopfs. The contract came after nearly seven years from the initial proposal by the Knopfs that Cash write the book; yet, they wanted product before making anything legally binding. At the time the contract was signed, Cash assured them that he would have the book ready for publication by early 1938. He would delay and frustrate the pair, however, until Alfred Knopf gently threatened in January, 1940 to publish what he had if the book was not completed by April. Cash finally put the last touches on the manuscript, packaged and posted it on Saturday, July 27, 1940. It was published February 10. (Read Cash's own take on his writing sloth in Of Time and the Writer, November 14, 1937 and his perceptions of the Knopfs reactions to it in O. Henry Passes the Test, April 16, 1939.)