William Faulkner, whose "realist" treatment of Southerners Cash both admired as the "best" offered by the new young Southern novelists of his time, including Wolfe, and deprecated as still not fully presenting more than fine romances of the South in reverse with authentic, yet superficial characters, not properly demonstrative of the forces which molded them. For several Charlotte News articles by Cash on Faulkner, see, e.g., An Epithet; Oh, So Sad, April 5, 1936; Not Like An Angel, November 8, 1936; and Caldwell, Faulkner Romantic, November 26, 1939. The above sketch appeared in November, 1936 accompanying a review by another writer for The News of Absolom, Absolom!. (For other resources on Southern literature and social history, see CSAS Jumpgate at the University of North Carolina online.)