Grainy image of The Charlotte News Building as it appeared on Church Street during the Thirties when Cash worked there under editor-in-chief, J.E. Dowd. The Dowd family had owned and operated the newspaper since the fin de siècle (the one before the fin de present one). The News acquired a reputation as a tough defender of the rights of the oppressed during the Thirties and Forties and besides Cash, through its doors as employees at one time or another in their careers passed such luminaries of the book and press world as Marian Sims, Marion Hargrove, (See Here, Private Hargrove), and, after the War, Charles Kuralt. The building, like The News, has long since disappeared from the Charlotte landscape. Though in the Thirties and earlier it was the leading newspaper in Charlotte, The News was eclipsed in circulation by The Charlotte Observer after the War, becoming a part of The Observer in the late Sixties as an afternoon daily, and, like most afternoon papers, was retired to that Great Thirty-thirty Printing Press, somewhere on the outlander regions near Pluto, in 1985. (Read The History of The Charlotte News compiled on its 60th anniversary in December, 1948, available at this site.)