This caricature of the staff of The News by Russell Anderson appeared
May 15, 1938 in conjunction with the North Carolina Book Fair held in
Charlotte. (Cash is depicted bottom right, acclaimed North Carolina playwright Paul Green just in front of him.) The brain-child of book-page editor, Cameron Shipp, (depicted just above Green), the person also instrumental in getting Cash hired by The News in 1937, the fair was fateful for Cash: He met his wife-to-be, Mary Ross Northrup, a sometime-contributor to the book-page herself and the cousin of Shipp; as well as striking up a friendship with Jonathan Daniels, editor-in-chief of The Raleigh News and Observer and a well-recognized author in his own right. (Depicted above Shipp in the cartoon.) It would be Daniels in fall, 1940, together with the Knopfs, who would sponsor Cash for the fateful Guggenheim Fellowship which would take him to Mexico in June, 1941. (Read Cash's thoughts about some of Paul Green's comments at the fair in
"On Carolina's Past", May 8, 1938, available online at The News section of this site.)